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Please find here our latest press releases and images, to be used free of charge.

Please note: All uses of these images must contain an appropriate photo credit and copyright notice. Please understand that the images may only be published free of charge for the current news coverage of the “WeltWissen – World Knowledge” exhibition and may not be passed on to third parties. We kindly request two specimen copy in case of publication. Please send these to the following address: Jubiläumsausstellung 2010, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Luisenstrasse 41, 10099 Berlin.

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Atrium (photo: © Roman März)
Atrium (photo: © Roman März)
Atrium (photo: © Roman März)
Phases of science (photo: © Roman März)
Knowledge Paths (photo: © Roman März)
Topographisches Bildmosaik des Marsvulkans Olympus Mons (© ESA/DLR/FU Berlin, G. Neukum)
Christfried Kirch: Beobachtungstagebuch (1717-1720, © Archiv der BBAW, Nachlass Kirch, Nr. 157, Bl. 7-8., photo: Eberle & Eisfeld, Berlin).
Robert Koch in Africa (o.J., © photo: Robert Koch-Institut, Berlin)
Lieberkühnsches Mikroskop (1740, © Anatomische Sammlung am Centrum für Anatomie der Charité, photo: Eberle & Eisfeld, Berlin).
Kinematisches Modell nach Franz Reuleaux (1875, © Deutsches Museum, München, photo: Eberle & Eisfeld, Berlin).