“WeltWissen – World Knowledge” Correlates Sciences in Berlin to the World

Wissenschaftsjahr 2010
photo: R. März
From physiology to physics, a stirring exhibition reflects 300 years of science in berlin, discovers Alison Abbot (nature Journal, Oct. 2010)

The exhibition's artifacts, installations, and media stations offer a variety of perspectives on the practice of science in Berlin over the past 300 years (Science, 22 Oct 2010)

This year, Berlin celebrates 200 years of the Humboldt University, 300 years of the Charité, 300 years since the first statute and first publication by the Academy of the Sciences and, one year later, 100 years of the Max Planck and Kaiser Wilhelm Society and the 350th birthday of the Berlin State Library. The exhibition “WeltWissen – World Knowledge” is the high point of the Berlin Year of Science. The Humboldt University, the Charité, the Berlin-Brandenburg Academy of the Sciences and Humanities and the Max Planck Society have organised the exhibition as a unique joint project. The Technical University, the Berlin State Museums and the Deutsches Museum, Munich are involved as partners.

The exhibition correlates sciences in Berlin to the world: only the dynamic interplay of local imprinting and worldwide networking has allowed Berlin since 300 years to generate knowledge and share it with the world. Concrete and highly vivid stories and biographies of objects, researchers and institutions offer exciting insights into the scientific environment. “WeltWissen – World Knowledge” shows how scientists in Berlin work, how they network internationally, how they break down the boundaries of their departments and how they transformed Berlin into a scientific metropolis.

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